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Everyone who wants to move abroad to study or have a family must first take the FGCEs or Foreign Going Competitive Examinations. MSIP is a well-known student visa Consultants in Mansa and Gandhinagar who supports applicants in achieving their objectives. The MSIP Immigration Advisory Foundation was founded in 2016 with a simple concept that its founders had at the time.

A recognised consulting company, MSIP, specialises in assisting students in obtaining visas so they can pursue studies overseas. They are a trusted source of helpful guidance and assistance because they have a complete understanding of the visa procedure and regulations thanks to their years of expertise. From choosing institutions to completing applications and preparing for interviews, MSIP provides students with individualised advice and support. Our staff is made up of competent professionals who follow the most recent changes to immigration laws and procedures.

We expertly assist applicants with the immigration process to any country where they hope to establish permanent residence. We have cutting-edge facilities and knowledgeable, experienced faculty. At Gandhinagar and Mansa, our knowledgeable student visa experts assist applicants in achieving their long-term objectives. We offer English language instruction and preparation for a variety of foreign entrance examinations, such as the SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, PTE, iTEP and IELTS.

MSIP has a reputation for preserving solid connections with many foreign colleges, which aids in our clients' admissions success. Overall, MSIP Student Visa Consultants in Gandhinagar can assist in making the difficult visa application procedure straightforward and hassle-free while giving students peace of mind that they are in capable hands.

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Feedback from our Clients

I had a wonderful experience at MSIP IELTS , and it is undoubtedly one of the best IELTS coaching centres in Gandhinagar. All the teachers are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Specially thanks to Mr. Uddav Padh sir. I really liked the learning techniques and methods. I’m really grateful to the teachers for helping me to clear IELTS.
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Ketan Patel

I recently had the privilege of being a part of Mehul Soni's IELTS & PTE coaching in Gandhinagar, and I can confidently state that it is the best IELTS coaching center in the city. The experience was nothing short of exceptional, and I am truly grateful for the comprehensive guidance and support I received throughout my preparation journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Mehul Soni's IELTS & PTE coaching to everyone!!
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

kalpesh patel

I am fortunate to have my IELTS Preparations at MSIP. Thanks to the internet through which I came to know about this coaching class. I was completely satisfied with the interactive discussions which take place in writing and speaking classes with faculty and other students. In addition, doing practice in the class apart from teaching gives me immense confidence. Overall this is a great place to recommend others. I am so grateful to “MSIP Consultants” for helping me in my IELTS Preparation.
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Mool Chand

I am so driven by the service given to me by MSIP Consultants. They are very Engaging, Interactive and so hardworking. I am so grateful to have my IELTS Preparation with them as they have generated confidence in me for my exams. Even I like to have my preparation with them as they have such a unique methodology for teaching. Mehul sir has always inspired me and helped me back and then for my excellence. Surbhi Mam has helped me in the Extra Activities related to the foreign countries and had always generated a positive environment for learning new things. Peoreena Mam has helped a lot in the counselling and made the visa filing process very simple for us. Mamta mam had helped a lot in the preparation of IELTS. She was very helpful and her teaching method was intriguing. I would say all the team members are extra supportive and helpful. They had made this IELTS journey extra fruitful.
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Yash Patel

I had a very good experience during my Student Visa process with MSIP. I got immediate assistance and I was profoundly charmed by their straightforwardness towards their customer. The staffs are very pleasing and they helped me out getting my questions solved in choosing great universities and courses as well as applying into them. In addition, they guided me through the whole procedure for applying in Student Visa for Canada. I am very thankful for the services provided by them.
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Vatsal Patel

Hi, I am Tirth Chaudhari, to be honest; Canada is a dream country for me. And I eagerly wanted to have my higher studies in Canada but I was so confused that from where should I take the information and then One day, I got a reference for a seminar of abroad studies in Canada with Mr. Mehul Soni the director of MSIP Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and from that seminar, I obtain a lot of knowledge about higher studies in Canada. Then I join them for admission to Westfield school Canada. I went to Mr. Mehul’s office and done some paperwork. He was so helpful and he gave me end to end guidance. And I got admission to Westfield Secondary School, Ontario, Canada; it is because of the efforts put by the faculties, Counsellors, and administration of MSIP consultants, which always make sure that their students get a place in the best university or colleges in abroad. MSIP consultants provide great exposure to the students by giving them profile assessment and an International end to end support.
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Tirth Chaudhari

I was trying to get a visa for Europe from the last 3 months. I applied for visa 3 times but because of carelessness in the documentation, My Visa got rejected 3 times. Then I tried applying for my Visa through MSIP Consultants for the 4th time. I was not hoping to get a visa this time, but to my surprise, I got my Visa. All thanks to MSIP Consultants for their immense support and end to end guidance in getting my Visa work done. Thank you once again for such a huge support and great work.
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Pooja Savaliya

As I am a student at finishing school and I know Mehul sir very well. He is well behaved to everyone else and also he is my one of the best role model as well. I am heartily thankful to the whole MSIP team for their support and guidance in the preparation of IELTS. Also, consultancy fees are very reasonable. They take personal care and endeavour to solve client queries quickly and smoothly. They had always supported me and generated confidence in me to achieve my future goals. I’m extra thankful to Mehul Sir for providing such a fruitful and pleasant experience while studying with him.
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Yash Acharya

Hey there, I would like to thank MSIP Consultants for helping me out getting my admission done in the School Of Canada. I am so glad for the support and enthusiasm they had shown upon from the Start to end of the procedure of my visa. All the team members were supportive and cooperative at all times. They provide all the needful support and guidance required. They provide excellent and speedy processing with positive outcomes which are of more importance. Thank you for the support and guidance at each stage of my visa processing.
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Meet Chaudhry

I got my student visa for Canada. I would suggest MSIP in the first place if one would like to study overseas. They provide excellent and speedy processing with positive outcomes which are of more importance. The staffs have always been kind and supportive. MSIP team has become my backbone when I am facing any problem. Moreover, the whole team over there is hardworking and frank with everyone. Additionally, with their welcoming behaviour they never make you felt separated. And I am so glad for the unconditional service they have given me. I would strongly suggest you to have your visa work or IELTS preparation through them.
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Hiren Chaudhri

First of all, I would like to thank all the MSIP Team Members for providing such good support. Mehul Sir as a team leader is playing an amazing role, and working as a backbone of MSIP. Whenever I had any doubts, I just had to give a call to Peoreena ma'am and she was always there to clear my doubts. I had great back support of Surbhi ma'am in case of any query regarding the procedure. All together, they are the best when it comes to providing quality service & Guidance. I would suggest everyone to Choose MSIP as their Immigration Service providers if they really want Genuine and Transparent procedure. Thank you once again Team MSIP for being such a Supportive mentor in my journey to my abroad studies.
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Nishit Sharma

MSIP Consultants has been as a miracle to my Journey to Canada. Starting from an awesome approach for IELTS to exceptional immigration advice, MSIP has played a keen role in shaping my future. Totally satisfied with their service. I absolutely recommend MSIP for your foreign education journey.
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Sahil Soni

Hey there, I am currently in the 3rd year of Engineering, Being an Extrovert and carrying an outspoken personality instead of that I felt a lack of confidence at various places. I was struggling with my confidence level and one day I came to know about Mehul Sir and his training on Soft Skills at MSIP Consultants. It is a place that nurtures and brings out the best version of you and a very confident version of yourself. Initially, I think it might be monotonous. On the contrary, when I got a chance to learn from our trainer Mehul Sir I got to know about his vast skills, his enthusiastic and approachable behaviour made the learning process best so far. Beginning from the basic skills of communication, all the presentation skills and the advanced level of training were so good. The best part of the training was learning through real-life examples that made the learning 100 times better. I believe that it is better to live and experience a story rather than listening to it. I am so grateful for the Experience.
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Dimple Joshi

I am a Biomedical Engineering Student. I have attended a session by Mr. Mehul Soni the director of MSIP Consultants Pvt. Ltd. on Soft Skills Development. It has been a great learning experience serving the importance of Time Management, Professionalism, Interview Cracking, and Communication Skills, and much more. With him, the learning was extra fun and fruitful. I would like to thank sir for helping me out and having a great learning experience and for the positivity and confidence he had given me.
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Twisha Dave

Hey everyone, Studying in Canada was a dream for me and MSIP Consultants had made my dream come true. They had provided me a high school study program that no other consultancy can either have provided me. Because of MSIP’s team member’s support and help I got admission to the high school of Canada. I am so grateful to the whole team for being such friendly and engaging but especially to the Mehul Sir who is the founder of the Consultancy for helping me out whenever I got stuck and inspiring me from his motivational and nurturing behaviour. I will heartily recommend you all to go there and experience such a pleasant environment.
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

Prahin Chaudhri

Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa

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Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa
Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa
Student Visa Consultants In Gandhinagar and Mansa