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Not just you but almost every student needs clarification about what to do next after completing High School education. Even if you have decided on the stream or field in which you want to pursue your career, selecting a university can be a task. But here’s a way out! Instead of relying on your scores at the end minute, you can open doors for yourself by preparing and taking the SAT exam. An SAT is applicable in nearly every college and university in the USA and Canada. A good SAT score may give you scholarship grants and further enhance your skills and knowledge essential for college. So, set the foundation of your career with the help of SAT. Before you begin Mehul Soni’s SAT coaching in Ahmedabad, let’s understand what SAT is.

What is SAT?

For every high school student who wishes to study in the USA or Canada, SAT is the first step to fulfilling your dreams. SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test, an entry-level aptitude exam for undergraduate students. The College Board, a non-profit entity in the USA, conducts this exam. The primary agenda of this examination is to evaluate and measure a student’s ability and preparedness for higher studies. It also helps the administrators to screen and qualify only those students with the best SAT score. However, how important these scores are for a college application process varies from college to college.

Earlier, the SAT exam was a paper-pencil, offline test. But now, it is wholly digitalised, and the test format is based on a Multiple-Choice (MCQ) format. Apart from the USA and Canada, SAT score is accepted by 85 other countries, such as the UK, Germany, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Also, 30+ Indian universities accept SAT scores for college applications. In India, approximately 25,000 students apply for SAT every year, making it a tough competition to clear. But you don’t have to worry; you will certainly clear the exam with good grades with the help of the best SAT classes in Mansa.

It is important to note that although SAT is a preliminary exam to get admission abroad, colleges and universities also review your High School GPA, Letter of Recommendation from teachers, Personal Essays, Admission Interviews and Extracurricular Activities. Therefore overall preparedness is vital, which our mentors at Mehul Soni’s best SAT coaching in Ahmedabad will guide you through.

Understanding SAT Exam

A single SAT exam can open up multiple avenues for students in the fields of Journalism, Design,
Business Management, Engineering, Law and Liberal Arts. The SAT exam is a 3 hour long test with breaks in
between. The exam structure consists of two main sections
1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW).
2. Mathematics.

With the help of our qualified SAT coaching in Mansa,
you will receive in-depth teaching for each of the sections.

SAT Exam Structure

Following is a breakdown of each test section:

The EBRW section is divided into 2 sections 1. Reading Test, and 2. Writing and Language Test. Overall, this section focuses on your Standard English conventions and skills to create passages and effectively analyse the given information. It also gauges your ideas and thoughts.

The Mathematical section focus on your problem-solving skills with questions based on Algebra, Data Analysis, Geometry and Trigonometry. It is divided into 2 sections such as:

Please note there is 3rd Section which is Essay writing. This section is optional, and the time limit for this section is 50 minutes.

How Mehul Soni’s SAT Coaching in Mansa Can Help?

Mehul Soni is a reliable, leading and specialised educational centre with the best SAT coaching in Ahmedabad. We have the best faculties and mentors who will prepare the students with everything related to the SAT exam. Apart from teaching and preparation, our experienced teachers at the centre will also conduct routine mock tests to understand which areas a particular student is lacking and then give guidance for the same. We have the best furnished centres with all the required books, computers and projectors to impart top-class educational service to every batch. We offer students additional support by being available 24x7 for doubts and providing study materials in the form of notes, extra books and tips. MSIP’s best SAT classes in Mansa have flexible batch slots. Thus you can join the one convenient for you.

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