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Student Visa for Dubai in Gandhinagar & Mansa

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. A city of skyscrapers, ports, and beaches, where big business takes place alongside sun-seeking tourism.

Significantly, Dubai is one of the growing educational hubs across the globe – providing a multicultural environment with increased settlement of foreign population enabling international experience – an integral part of pursuing studies abroad.

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Benefits of Studying in

Over the last few years, Dubai has remarkably become a favorite study destination among Indian students owing to its cosmopolitan culture, hospitable residents, and fairly affordable tuition. Dubai is also a well-known global business hub, and has vast opportunities for students to gain practical training.

Admission Requirements

Study in Dubai Process


Careers and Work Opportunities


Work in Dubai as an International Student

Studying abroad comes with a lot of planning and Dubai maintains itself aa a supportive place to your aspirations. One has to get a consent from the university about working while studying, and that’s it. Dubai permits part-time 20 hours of working in a week for it’s international student community in the free zone areas.

In the span of the last two decades, Dubai has emerged as a land of opportunities. Dubai continues to evolve and expand itself in terms of technology, infrastructure and that has created a huge demand for people from different backgrounds there. Students are offered internship programs while studying. However, to work in Dubai, one's age should be 18 or more. Dubai doesn’t allow you to work on student visa, however an offer letter from an internship program will give you that flexibility.

Student visa in the UAE can be secured by one of the accredited universities/colleges in the UAE sponsoring the student. Visa applications are processed by the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in each emirate. In order to secure a freshman student visa, the applicant must obtain an official admission letter from the university they are studying at.

Other Requirements Include:

Copy of offer of admission letter (Only for new students) A visa sponsor, is the university itself or an institute. Receipt for tuition fees and finances required along with passing medical fitness test once your reach onshore.

On Campus-Work is seen as an opportunity to sharpen student's skills and as extension of a student's acedemic life on campus. Ganing hands-on experience is one of the best ways to test their acedemic skills in the real world. There are some basic eligibity criteria being enrolled in a full time programme at university upon completion of a semester with the minimum GPA.

As far as Off- Campus Work is concerned, one must have an Emplyment Visa. Once the Degree Programme is completed, one needs to have an official offer letter from the desired company stating the same so to apply for Employment Visa. In order to work in Dubai after studies one has to change their Sponsored Student Visa to an Employer Visa.

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