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TOEFL Coaching Classes in Gandhinagar

TOEFL Coaching Centres in Gandhinagar

Mehul Soni’s IELTS and PTE is one of the renowned TOEFL coaching centres in Gandhinagar and offers quality coaching for foreign entrance exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and PTE exams. We have designed an intensive training program to help students to achieve their desired scores. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced tutors, world-class infrastructure, and study material designed with the help of industry experts ensure that you not only get the highest score but also make you fully ready for the English language. TOEFL coaching in Mansa ensures you will get the best training in all four sections of TOEFL.

A good TOEFL score proves that you have the listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills that universities are looking for in students, this is important for international students as it shows that you can easily communicate with others in the country.

What is TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language popularly known as TOEFL is the world’s prestigious English language test and it is accepted by more than 10000 overseas educational institutes and universities for study in more than 150 countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Newzealand, Europe, and Canada. TOEFL is also required for candidates who want to go abroad for work and to settle down. TOEFL evaluates students’ abilities in four sections-reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We at Mehul Soni’s IELTS and PTE one of the best TOEFL coaching In Gandhinagar provides quality coaching for all four sections.

There are different questions in every section and the timing given for all divisions is also different, which will test the candidate’s skills in a particular section. This exam is important for individuals who want to go abroad to study, work or settle down and apply for visas. The TOEFL score ensures how good you are with the English language. It also checks whether you will be able to study in the English academic curriculum.

Who conducts the TOEFL?

TOEFL is governed by ETS, it is the same body that administrates the GRE.
An individual who wants to migrate to another country and wants to apply to
A college or university in another country must take this test.

What is the Test Module for the TOEFL exam?

The TOEFL test format includes four different sections; Reading, Listening, Speaking,
and Writing. You are required to perform tasks based on these sections.

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Task: You may have three or four passages, each passage has a set of questions based on the passage which you need to answer.

You will get 10 minutes break after reading and listening sections. For all the sections your score will be evaluated on a scale of 0 to 120. Most universities will require candidates to have a standard score that is between 80 to 90. Some of the renowned universities around the world may require scores above 100.

Our expert tutors at the best TOEFL coaching centres in Mansa will help you to prepare for all these four criteria.

Why you should go for TOEFL coaching?

When you start your preparation for the TOEFL exam it requires intensive studying for all of its four sections. Preparation for all the sections requires time and intense training. A qualified TOEFL trainer can help you to achieve the best score in exams. Personalized training can also make you more focused on areas where you are struggling. In Mehul Soni's ,IELTS and PTE-best TOEFL classes in Gandhinagar, we have a team of qualified and expert TOEFL trainers who assist you to get a high score in exams with our simplified study material.

Get in touch with us at Mehul Soni’s IELTS and PTE-trusted TOEFL classes in Mansa and all over Gujrat. Our intensive training and study material designed by experts ensure you will achieve your score.

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you want to achieve the best score in TOEFL you require at least 2 to 3 months of training.

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Rs. 16,400/-