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Australia is setting international standards for excellence in education through its world-leading institutions, state-of-art facilities, thought-leading creativity, world class hospitality, and extensive student support services. As the largest country in Oceania and the 6th largest country by area, Australia is one of the most beautiful and highly urbanized countries of the world. Canberra is the capital city, with other student centric cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and so on.

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Careers And Work Opportunities


Employment Opportunities

Australia is one of the most sought post study destinations for International students. The continuous demand for the skilled workforce in the country has given a boost to the education sector; which continues to attract and sustain thousands of International students every year.

The post-study work visa in Australia allows International students to stay in the country for upto 4 years and work in their chosen profession after completing their studies.

The Post study work visa generally allows you to stay in the country between 2-4 years depending on the length of your course. In recent years, Australian government has committed to support the regional areas.

Students who have completed their graduation/bachelors education in Australia are eligible to put forward an application for a two year post-study work visa only after completing minimum study duration of 2 years. Similarly, you are eligible for a 3 year post-study work visa after you have completed your Master’s by research and 4 years post study work permit years after completing PhD course in Australia.


February, July and October

Australian Technology Universities

FAQs on
Post Study Work Visa

Definition Locations Work Incentives
Major Cities Sydney
- Coursework degree students will get 2 years of PSW, Masters by research students will get 3 years PSW and PhD students will get 4 years PSW visa.
Cities and Major Regional Centres Perth
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, Wollongong/Illawarra, Geelong, Hobart

- Coursework degree student would get 2+1 = 3 years of PSW; Masters by Research Students will get 4 years PSW and PhD students will get 5 years PSW.

- Access to the dedicated 25,000 regional places. Priority Processing
- on regional visas.
- Access to the Regional Occupations List - more jobs compared to non-regional lists.
- International students studying at regional Universities will be eligible to access and additional year in Australia on a post-study work visa. Improved access to addional points for Regional centres & othres Regional centres or with states sponsorship.
Regional Centres and Othes Regional Areas Toowoomba (USQ)
Darwin (CDU)
Launcenston (UTAS)
Townville, Cairns-(JCU)
Gatton (UQ)
Lismore and Coffs Harbour (SCU)
Ballart, Berwick & Gippsland (Fed Uni)
Armidale (UNE)
Bendigo (LaTrobe)
Port Macquarie, Orange, Waga-Waga, Bathhust and other campuses of CSU Main Uni
Kalgoorlie - (Curtin)
Rockhampton (CQU) etc.

- Coursework degree student would get 2+2 = 4 years of PSW; Masters by Research students will get 5 years PSW and PhD students will get 6 years PSW.

- Access to the dedicated 25,000 regional places.
- Priority processing on regional visas.
- Access to the Regional Occupations List.
- Access to an additional 2years PSW in Australia on a PSW visa
- On a post-study work visa. Priority in negotiating region improvrd access to additional point fot Regional centres & othre
- Regional centres or with state sponsorship

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