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Being a very small country, The Republic Of Singapore has managed to make its mark on the world. Its strategic location, anti corruption government, a skilled workforce, pro-foreign investment and export-oriented attributes make it an economic giant which attracts International Investment Funds on a large scale, despite its relatively high-cost operating environment.

With a rich multicultural heritage, The Republic Of Singapore offers a cosmopolitan ethos and fast-paced lifestyle has outpaced other Asian Countries in terms of imparting world- class education. It takes immense pride in maintaining extremely high standards of teaching and learning.

Hence, The Republic Of Singapore is emerging to be the next best study abroad destination for International Students.

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The Republic Of Singapore

Widely celebrated for its Multicultural and Multinational kaleidoscope, Singapore has made its mark on the world with many top accolades. Especially the education sector of Singapore has played a key role in the rise of this tiny island nation, and the Government of Singapore continues to place a great emphasis on it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Singapore’s universities are among some of the most highly ranked and well-regarded in the world. One of its most well-known is the National University of Singapore (NUS), which has been consistently ranked among the top three universities in Asia since 2013.

Singapore also embraces a rich culture of art, architecture, food , leisure activities and festivities, attracting many international students every year giving a 5 unique and immersive life experience that goes way beyond into the world-atlarge.

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Post Study Work Visa in Singapore

There are limited working rights as an International Student studying in Singapore, except if you are studying at certain Universities. Most institutions have their own rules and guidelines about their international students working on part-time jobs. This work right is issued by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to a registered student holding a Student Pass.

Some options for Post Study Work Visa after the student graduate is as below:

Short-Term Visit Pass : After their student pass has been cancelled/expired, this visa will allow students to stay in Singapore for an up to 90 days period.

Long-Term Visit Pass : Students who have completed their education and graduated to receive diplomas/degrees from the list of recognized institutions are eligible to apply and get this visa. This is a one-year-long visa and requires the students to gain employment and get a proper work permit. Failing to do so they need to return to their home country, once this LTVP expires.

Employment Pass : International students/professionals with reputable degree and are eligible to earn SD$ 4500 per month mostly use this visa route. Here the sponsor is the employer and the candidate should meet the required laid down criteria.


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